In April 2021, the Canadian federal government announced $21M to help fight interprovincial trade. This post identifies one early, easy win well within reach.

Canada’s federal budget, released on April 19, 2021, included a pledge of $21M over three years to fight interprovincial trade barriers. Copied below essentially verbatim, the budget proposed to allocate this money to:

  • Advance work with willing partners towards creating a repository…

$21M to Fight Interprovincial Trade Barriers — A Win for the Canadian Confederation

The Canadian project’s never-ending campaign against interprovincial trade barriers has received fantastic news.

Canada’s #Budget2021, released on April 19, 2021, pledged $21M over three years to curb interprovincial trade barriers. This is a significant announcement. Not only does it offer fuel to build upon the progress that has already been achieved on the interprovincial trade file, but it also signals heightened attention and focus on the part of the federal government.

The budget provided that“[r]emoving barriers to trade between provinces and territories will help build a more prosperous economy.” Indeed, remedying the regulatory disharmony found across the country, in areas…

Discussions about Canadian internal free trade have a familiar four-part lifecycle. Recent remarks from Bank of Canada Governor Stephen Poloz provide some illustration. This post then moves on to highlight some reasons why liberalizing domestic trade is so difficult.

Learning about Internal Trade Barriers: A Four-Step Process

First, an individual or entity encounters a particular barrier in the course of their life or business. In the case of Mr. Poloz, he was focused the idea of a national securities regulator (currently, Canada is the only G20 country in which the regulation of the securities industry is the job of the…

Ryan Manucha

Student & scholar of Canadian interprovincial trade law and policy.

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